Discover The 5 Simple Steps To Generate $10,000 A Month Online

What are those 5 things need in place?

Before you make 10 thousand a month you need these things in place. We are not saying once you set up these 5 steps auto-magically money will come, but same time if you look at all the people who got success online they all had these 5 simple steps in place. Ok, let's get into this one by one.

1. Step is Pick a product or offer you know,like & passionate about.

It Can be your own product or offer( coaching, service,digital product etc), affiliate product( someone else product) or network marketing business (MLM) Does not matter what product or service is this is crucial when it comes to success you have to pick niche and product that you love to be behind and build brand with it.

2. Create your Web assets ( Have a marketing funnel)

This you have to have sales funnel...  We call it "Your money center" A place that you take people in and guide them through the process steps by step just like this post does. This where you build your audience when they show interest. they might come from your social engagement or paid ad email ad. Send them to a full active sales funnel. When it comes to sales funnel it works best that traditional website.

If you working online for while you know this website has lost of distraction and build confusions on your visitor or prospects mind. Because the website builds to grad information on site so they can find so much information and don't know what next and they suddenly bounce off from that website. And sales funnels, the process is simplified by the product or service owner. It can be a simple landing page that visitor only has to enter there information grad what state on the landing page. Once they Opt in, product or service owner can take them to a thank you page or directly to the offer.

In sales funnels great thing the person bought the product or not at the spot you can follow up or offer a discount, onetime offer or remarket to them using new technology. Also, you already collected there information like email or phone number you can follow back. Even the top brands like amazon, google, apple do the same. They all do is collecting data from their visitors. You can simply Use Optiin software to build your sales funnel, It affordable and hight quality compare to all other solutions out there and you can try it free.

3. Need Marketing Automation System ( Email marketing follow up system)

With the marketing automation in place, you don't have to be on your business 365 days 24/7. That's how you find your freedom when it comes to success.  That can be simply setup through an email marketing system. We recommend like Aweber, get a response or Mailer lite to start.

What email follow-ups do is when people enter their information.(step number 2 within funnel) in sales funnel even they take action on the spot or not you can continue to follow up with them as long as they not unsubscribe. or remarket them using pixel in place on the web as they continue to search solutions for their problem or whats ever they try to solve.

That's why automation is key if you have to do this follow up process in manually itys a huge time waste for you and your business growth. So for that what you do is set up this email autoresponder follow-ups it can be 2 weeks or 100 days or even 365-day email follow up the lead with value. This make automaticaly follow up them once they give their information shaoing interst at primary level. They are pre written emails that automaticaly go out to their email inbox with the send out schedule you set up. If you have a different offer that may resonate them or a segment of people who show some interest in your products and understand their behavior all these can be done through new email autoresponder technology. That one of key step to having 10000 dollar month with systems in place and putting this automation to run without you have to worry about.

4. Step is find people. ( We call web traffic)

When it comes to web traffic,  You can find people from free sources or paid souces like paid advertising, But just do not depend on free traffic. Time is the most valuable asset you can have if you try free web traffic methods that take lots of your time and energy. Most people when they get started online they only depend on free traffic and waste their prsucre time to find peope from all over the world  But that waste of time. You have to have a budget for paid traffic when it comes to home base business or small online business opportunty we recommend doing solo ads traffic. Solo ads traffic means you find another market who built their email list before you and may have hunderend of thousand like mind people who wants to try something new. People say solo ads kind tricky when it comes to finding right person to buy their many froudn or scam time people who sell solo ads clicks  can be a nightmare for a new person.. it always happen as new people does not know where to find legit solo ads vendors.. so thay why we made this list of legit solo ads vendors below.

The only con with solo ads you have to pay considerabeo amount of money at once to amount you clicks you buy from the vendor but as we discuss in step 2 and 3 if you have right product and followups automation in place over time you can double even 10x the investment you made to buy solo ads. so its long-run profitable method that thinking losing money at the spot. But if you have the right sales funnel in place you an profit from day one.

5. Last Step is Find a right mentor.

Once you have Step 1 to 4, You sales funnels in place you got your automation and email follow-ups in place, you driving the right traffic and its simply run your business autopilot, But if you want to scale your business very very quickly you have to find a good mentor. Someone who that done it before you who already success online who already making 6 or 7 figures online. Can show you the next steps to scale up. That would be the process & it's a very important to step even we mention it; last. We mention it last because getting a good mentor is may be expensive so if you have above 4 steps in place you already making a considerable amount of money so you can spend money to pay for the mentorship that you ant to go to next level. But you have to be careful. When you go online find mentors their people who claim did this done that have supercars. who claim one night get rich types to claim super comfortable luxury houses etc. Go to facebook you will find in your news feed have great social media presence and you may think they make 6 figures month, they claim they got 10 or 20 clients..that all fake you really have to be careful.

You have to find somebody you actually know you can trust that who understands what exactly you want to do,  and doing it for a long time just somebody who just a few steps ahead of you, that can help you get to where you want to be.


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