How to Create a Lead Generation Funnel

For an investment to stand out among competitors, it has to be innovative to capture potential clients. Many organizations are well-versed when it comes to offline marketing activities. However, there is a gap in digital marketing. Putting up a professional website or even posting texts on social media may not help a venture exploit all its potential. There is a need for you to adopt a lead generation funnel that allows an investment to acquire new customers.

A lead generation funnel will help you realize the essence of digital marketing. It enables you to take advantage of all online marketing tactics to gain clients and maintain them. It is a secret that many organizations are yet to implement. Thus, it can serve as a significant difference between an investment and its rivals. Moreover, you can build robust client relationships using a lead generation funnel approach. 

Marketing entails acquiring a pool of prospects and boosting sales. However, a lead generation funnel looks to convert a pool of clients to paying consumers. Just like a funnel, it sifts through sales leads and delivers at the end of the process by turning them into customers. Here are crucial steps you need to understand about creating a lead generation funnel. 

Creating awareness 

The first step in a lead generation funnel is creating awareness. It helps in attracting traffic to your site. You can increase the number of people visiting a website by using paid, owned, or earned media. You can apply methods such as creating bogs, using content, advertising, and using reviews.

When creating awareness, you should be careful. It is your first contact with a potential client; thus, ensure the sign-up process is friendly enough. Do not initiate the process too early; rest you end up scaring potential clients. You might as well end up clogging the approach with prematurely engaged individuals who will not end up as paying customers. 

Mapping out where you get initial contact with clients 

It is vital to determine the different avenues where clients get access to your enterprise. Is it through a blog, social media posts, a clip, or any other channel? This process has many variables, as not all clients will use the same avenues. However, it creates the best opportunities for you to come up with a customized lead generation plan that suits your investment.

Create ways to engage potential clients

After acquiring traffic, you should come up with ways to engage with prospects. Entice them to sign up for newsletters, online training, or even download an e-book. Use lead magnets to encourage further engagement with potential customers. Consider making a user-friendly website where visitors can freely take the next steps with you. If you receive a call, you can capture some of the data that will enhance communication between you and a prospect.

For your social media posts, you can consider having pinned texts that encourage individuals to buy products or services. Make a habit of using the call to action on your content. Such features can lead clients to a landing page which paves the way for engagement. 

This process is critical as it helps you identify mature-engaged customers. Thus, you can go ahead and initiate the process of converting potential clients into paying customers. At this stage, clients are aware of your marketing effort, and you can continuously communicate with them. 

Consider having opt-in webpages on your lead generation funnel

Not all clients are happy to sign up on their first visit to a website. Thus, you should create an approach where clients can freely get into your funnel at any point. The opt-in options serve as lead magnets. They entice leads to become paying clients.

Create thank you pages 

You should consider having pages with thank you messages that encourage sharing on social media. It creates an opportunity to gain more traffic and tap clients.

Manage and nurture potential clients

After linking your landing page with an Email Service provider, you should consider emailing potential clients and converting them to long term customers. Encourage conversations with clients and acknowledge that each individual has a unique character.

Managing your prospect will ensure that the customers will not fall out of the marketing funnel. Make sure that you have the right tools for leads capture, qualification, and nurturing. Successful implementation of a lead generation plan facilitates rising sales revenues in the future.


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