Landing page fundementals

Landing page fundamental to have on place,

You should never start a marketing campaign without knowing these 2 main  principles about good landing page and campaigns in place.

  1. Attention Ratio
  2. Relatedness to the message also call message match. 

But want to clear something out here. when it comes to landing page  there totally 2 different landing pages you see on internet. one landing pages and second websites. by the way landing pages are website or website pages but build to do one thing.

Websites are like your online assets they are ther to  let other know about you about your brand what you do.your blog, your passion and everything what you have to offer, in websites there you can add so many thing like menus categories, forms many call to actions all over. its basically bring yu organic free traffic from search engines and other related world wide web assets to make your website live.

While websites just for about your whole organization but landing pages specifically for marketing campaigns. you can use them for you direct email marketing campaigns, advertisements on google,bing or facebook. Paid advertisements  that use to target your audience to show you message.

Let's talk about attention Ratio.

This is the mathematical ratio, Number of things you can apply within your landing page. like number of links call to actions and over number things your audience want them to do. In paid marketing campaign you should have one goal one call to action one message them they only can do is one thing on that page,. that get 100% attention from your target without distract like in websites. In our experience we seen when you add more links more forms more headlines that makes your prospect distract and we seen conversion ratio went down.

2nd message match.

It is easy. if you have an advertisement, in that ad call to action or promise should be the same in your landing page headline and call to action or at last need to be 100% match. so when some one lcik to get that promised in ad they will recinate they in right place to get what they want. its not misleading them so hopefully you get higher conversions. we just said hopefully means there many other things going on there life at that exact moment if they just got distract from . they might leave that why in marketing campaign they add same ad match retargeting options to follow them back  when they are online again...


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