What is a landing page?

Landing pages

Very many people often wonder what a landing page is?. Well, let me explain, in this dynamic world of technology marketing keep getting better, efficient and customized. A landing page can be defined as a sole webpage, this is actually a web page that has been customized to convert visitors as leads customized for marketing and advertising. The land is coined from the page or adverts that the clients click or where the client visits (lands). Landing pages are in most cases processed for paid traffic like google Ad words These pages are made with a call to action as its primary objective, Aimed at getting bio-data such as personal information as well as email addresses for purposes of marketing. 

How landing pages work

Landing pages are quite simple to operate and this makes them a good option for most advertisers and marketers. Landing pages reduces marketing cost and increases the rates at which it converts yours marketing campaigns. Landing page convert clients or visitors to a page as usually has a form that allows the marketer to collect visitors data and the desired offer is given in exchange.

Marketing funnels

This is a process of breaking down the customers' journey from the first time they learn about your products to the time when the actual purchase. A funnel is a procedure which a client needs to follow and when they successfully follow the set steps we call that conversion.

Most marketers have set targets which they want to fulfill and they have set funnel which helps show the procedures the client used and the ones skipped and this helps improve their marketing strategies.

The marketing funnel essentially has some steps starting with awareness, this is where the client interacts with the product followed by consideration stage and when they fulfill the requirements then there’s conversion stage followed by the loyalty stage and finally the advocacy stage.

Email list building

This is creating an email list which is also referred to as an email database of clients for purposes of marketing. This is a very popular form of permission-based Advertising whereby one gets consent to add people to bulk email or the email marketing list and send them advertisements.

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